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Trés Bien Photography Weddings
Trés Bien Photography Weddings
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When it comes to our Photography wedding packages we believe it is important to keep it simple! Our top priority is delivering a finalized album that accurately represents the uniqueness of your wedding day and will undoubtedly become a family heirloom.

Similarly to our photography package, our videography team takes your video quite seriously. We are pleased with the increase in couples who are looking to add video to their wedding day, not simply because of the benefit to our company of course, but because our couples absolutely fall in love with their videos. The wedding day goes by so quickly that the number one complaint from Brides is that it was such a whirlwind they barely remember it at all! Video helps solve this problem and allows us to put together a cinematic presentation that will move you.

Videography has changed so much, we are no longer dealing with the cheesy 80s wedding video industry (Thank Goodness!) The latest technology has really pushed the industry to create a video from your wedding day that is more like a movie trailer and less like a horrible home video that you have to suffer through every Christmas! We thoroughly enjoy creating a cinematic experience where the couple is the headliners.

The benefit of working with one company that does both photo and video is humongous! Besides not having to keep up with multiple contacts and contracts, there is also the benefit that we all have the same goal on your wedding day, creating beautiful imagery for you. I have heard far too many horror stories where a photo and video team are competing for the same shot and ultimately the losing party is the couple. With us, it is in our best interest to work together to create the best lighting and imagery so that everyone wins! That being said, we would love to set up a meeting with you and talk about your wedding day vision!

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